The Big Move ~ Enumclaw Farm

We've had this in the works for about 5 years, my mom and I.  She and my dad have been living at the farm for the last 25 years in a 100 year old farm house on 4.5 acres in Enumclaw.  They are ready to pass the torch.

Steve, I and the kids are ready to take on the life.  What is this life.  It's rural, it's slower paced.  It will involve animals, but we have yet to see.  For Steve's part, he's excited to work the land, get his hands dirty, and play.  I'm drawn to the beauty, the pace, and the possibility it provides.  The kids are already in the neighborhood school, have friends, and are looking forward to ease of playdates, 4-wheel rides, and the giant trampoline in the back yard.

 We've only been here 2.5 months but one of our favorite parts of living on the farm has to be having one entire fence line covered in blackberries.  Almost every night after dinner in August we headed down for "dessert".  No jam or cobblers this year, but plans for next year are in effect.

We have plans for a puppy, chickens, cows, the works, but for now our only 4 footed friends are Sadie the “old gal” dog and Dunn the Horse.

Of course I am pleased to be offering Farm Sessions and am actively booking for Fall!

Here is a peek into our Farm.