What to do if it rains the day of your family photo shoot!

It's fall in Seattle.  I don't know about you, but I long for this time of year.  I finally get to wear sweaters and boots and eat comfort food.  The days are getting shorter but we have the most beautiful light and the foliage is so vibrant.  I really want to capture that in your fall family photos, but often we are unlucky with the weather, It's sunny all week but the weekend calls for rain!

Let's face it folks it can be rough living in the PNW.  October is totally hit and miss for rain.  Trust me I know, my twins birthday is smack dab in the middle of October, we always want a backyard party but we only succeed 3/4 of the time.  It can be a major worrying factor for your session as well, so what are we going to do if it rains?

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Be Flexible on Timing

I know we planned the shoot for 9:30 A.M. but the hour by hour forecast says the rain will clear up by 11:00.  We might have to reschedule the time in order to stay dry.  On the plus side, the sun stays so low in the fall, that there is no high noon (a time photographers usually avoid for photo shoots), and overcast weather = natures soft box.

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Be Flexible on Location  

Fall is my busiest season which can make rescheduling difficult.  I've made it my mission to find places we can shoot, and that includes indoors or partially covered with great light.  I even wrote a Blog Post about it!  There are many beautiful covered or glassed in locations where we can choose for your session.  We can discuss your options and find the best possible location for your family photos, or we can always move to a cozy home session.  Bring on the Hygge!

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Grin and Bear it

I actually don't mind a little drizzle.  It happens every year, that I end up doing a few shoots in the rain and even snow!  It can actually be fun!  I wear my Hunter Boots to all my shoots and I  bring clear, domed umbrellas in my car so I'm ready if it decides to start pouring on us.  We can always hide under a tree until the rain lets up.  

Whatever we decide to do, just know that it is my goal to make yours and every session Honest, Playful, and Inspired!


Elodie ~ In-home Lifestyle session, Seattle

 "I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” 
― L.M. Montgomery

As I approached the front porch, I knew I wanted to shoot Elodie through that window.  The light coming through the trees and the gossamer curtains were calling to me.  It turns out we spent quite a bit of time playing in those curtains the following hour.

Play was key for this in-home lifestyle session at the home of Rachel, Tye and Elodie, Aged one year to perfection.  She loved when here daddy flipped her upside down, playing with her mama on the bed for snuggles, and her newly minted skill of walking in the yard.

The family also had a special red chair, passed down for generations that they wanted captured int their South Seattle home.  Red turned out to be a theme for our shoot.  The chair, Elodie's hair bow, her horse's bandana, and their front steps.  

With a one year old in an in-home lifestyle session, sometimes a trip to the fenced yard is all the adventure we need to capture their life, their home, and their family.

It is truly an honor to be invited into clients homes, having them trust me with their memories, and getting to see their true connection!

If you like to read more about my view on Lifestyle Photography, click HERE!

Leavenworth Family Adventure Session

My career as a Lifestyle photographer has taken me to some amazing places.  It's honestly one of the best parts of my job.  I'm a bit of an ambivert, so I love days at home, sitting at my computer with my coffee.  But I equally love getting out in nature with the most amazing clients/friends.

The Herrmann's are some of these great clients.  We've done shoots in a park, at their home, and my favorite, at their beautiful property in Leavenworth, WA.  They even hosted my family so we could explore the area while we visited for the shoot.  

The air was rosy due to a near by forest fire, the weather was pleasantly warm, and these gorgeous people were, as always so fun to work with.  I always say my goal at every family session is to capture connections in an artful, authentic way.  And this family made it easy, by opening their home and their hearts to me and my lens.

The Lee Family ~ Seattle

The Lees called me shortly before their departure to London.  They were packing up the family for a new job and an overseas adventure.  Before they left, they wanted to document their family in their beautiful Seattle home.  They wanted to remember their boys while they were little, in their rooms, and their family routine.

In-home lifestyle sessions provide a wonderful backdrop for young children.  They are already in their safe space, and once they figure out I'm willing to get down on the floor and play with them, they are happy to let me in and see who they really are.  Plus I always bring bubbles.

I could feel the love in this house and the bittersweet moments as this family was about to embark on their next adventure.

She gave me 20 minutes

My sweetest girl, she's always up for a collaboration.  On our recent trip to the Washington Coast, I asked if she would accompany me down to the beach grasses at sunset for some pictures and she said she would, for 20 minutes.  She picked out the dress, an itchy, vintage, wool nightgown with a broken button from home, and the plaits in her hair were her beach style for the whole week, left over from that morning's session of wave jumping with her brother and cousin.

She is so natural in front of the camera, due to the fact that she's had one pointed at her her whole life.  But she's not just my muse, she's a participant in the process, she is my collaborator.  She makes suggestions and knows what to do.  

It was a little chilly so she didn't last long without her jacket.  Of course I wanted more, I always want more time with her, but she sets the limits and I respect that.  I also reward her with cookies.

I look forward to our next collaboration.