Campfire & Canoe ~ Family Lifestyle Session, Auburn, WA

"We can do the photos here. I'm thinking a fire in the fire pit and a walk to the lake....maybe we can even bring the canoe. Thoughts on that vision???"

I seriously have the coolest friends!  Grace's vision for her family lifestyle shoot last summer was the perfect blend of heart and home.  Her family's acre plot sits right near a lake so we decided to document a typical summer night with her brood, roasting marshmallows, enjoying a glass of wine and a sunset canoe ride.

One of the joys of my job is getting to connect with friends and clients on a personal level.  As a lifestyle and family photographer, I am privileged to be invited into see a slice of their every day life. I always try to bring my creative A-game to every session, and Grace is one of the most generous people I know.  She is a true collaborator, and always game to play along with my creative vision.  It was my honor to photograph her sweet family!


Farm Session ~ Family Lifestyle Photographer ~ Enumclaw

Walking, talking, running, playing on fallen branches, and snuggling were the order of the day at this lifestyle portrait session.  For our second shoot together, we met up at my family home in Enumclaw last fall when the golden leaves and light were at their height of greatness.  Dunn the horse came out to meet them and was a big hit. 

An epic round of leaf throwing, where I got to step back, observe, and freelens, a fine art portrait photographer's bliss!  It is my goal to add creative shots to each session and I love my laid back clients who let me be honest, playful, and inspired.

I absolutely adore working with this family!  It's so fun watching the girls grow up.  We got to chatting about their favorite books.  Seeing them interact, annoy each other and love each other in equal measure is a gift, a true sisterhood.

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Kiwi's Winter Maternity Session, Kirkland, WA

We had big plans, this mama and I.  We wanted to go on an adventure, to a waterfall, or up to the mountains.  But let me tell you, December in Washington can be a real downer weather wise.  It would be fun to get lots of snow, but we just end up getting this misty rain for weeks at a time.  And when your subject is 9 months pregnant and battling a cold, sometimes the best alternative is to just stay indoors.  As any Seattle lifestyle photographer will tell you, you have to roll with the punches.  So an in-home maternity session was to be!

Kiwi lives in a beautiful home in the heart of Kirkland, WA and the airy rooms provided us with many patches of light to play with.  We even went outside for all of 1 minute but of course it started to rain.  Her husband and kids were at work and school and didn't even know about the shoot until after the fact.  It's always fun to be in cahoots with a client.

I got to return a few weeks later after the birth of her beautiful daughter and capture the whole family, but we will save that for another post on another day.

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Some Fine Art Self Portraiture

Many many women have reportedly become photographers when they have children.   Suddenly you have gorgeous little muses running around and you don't even have to ask them to pose.   Despite the fact that I've been a photographer since I was a teenager, majored in fine art, and always held jobs in the photographic field, I was definitely reinvigorated when my twins came along and have subsequently carved out a career in the portrait industry.   Therefore, I've been artistically fulfilled for the past 7 years.  Except that a little over one year ago, said twins decided to grow up and go to Kindergarten full time.  The nerve of them!  

So what's a mom to do to fulfill her daily fits of inspiration?  Enter the 15 minute lunchtime selfie.

I'm lucky that my job keeps me at home during the week.  So when these moments arise, that I feel like I need to create, but I can't wait until 3:30 to pick up the twins and bribe them into posing for me, I can don a dress and spend a few minutes in my backyard creating some art.

My technique is always on a tripod and usually on self-timer mode (9x out of 10 the batteries are dead in my remote).  I rarely spend more than 15 minutes shooting and usually yield about 25-50 frames, of which I usually only keep a handful.

I'm usually most inspired on gray, overcast, and better yet, foggy days.  Rather than light, I'm drawn to shadows, motion, layers, and timeless romanticism.

Here is a compilation of some of my favorite self portraits that I've taken over the past 2 years.

Liam ~ An In-home Newborn Session

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” -J.M. Barrie

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, In-home lifestyle photography was made for newborn shoots!

This was a particularly special newborn shoot for me because the mama is a friend who I've known since she had one baby boy, and now she is the proud mother of 3 boys.  This is going to be a loud house for sure, but one filled with love an laughter.

Liam is a sweet little guy, he barely woke up for our entire session, and he looks just like his big brothers who dote on him.  

You know when babies are so small, they barely fit into their own skin, and they have that adorable extra knee skin?  Well I'm sure he's grown into it by now, but I was lucky enough to catch the knee skin phase!

And no newborn session would be complete without a nursing break and a diaper change.  It has been a joy watching this family grow and I look forward to seeing these boys grow up!

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