My Brilliant Brand Challenge - Part 1 of 2

Every once in a while a little reflection is in order.

I recently took part in a 10 day Instagram challenge hosted by my favorite Brand Guru, Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist. Her challenge to us all was to post one image and caption per day inspired by the prompts describing our style and inspiration. I love these challenges because it forces me to look inward, examine my “why” and consider how I can better serve my ideal client.

Day 1

What I do:

In basic terms, I am a family, maternity, and newborn photographer. But what sets me apart from my competition? I strive to bring my fine-art background to everything I do. I don't just want to document, I'm always trying to dig deeper and see things in new ways. I constantly challenge myself to learn new techniques and I create visually textural and visceral images. For my clients, I want to capture their love and connection and make the viewer feel something. I am passionate about capturing women & children and creating lifelong memories that will hang on their walls and live in their albums for years to come.


Day 2

The Magic I bring:

I look for the honest, the playful and the inspired. My Sessions are designed to allow all of us let our guard down so we can be in the moment free to create. It’s a dance and a collaboration, my clients are as much a part of the magic as my camera. I have a clear vision of the types of images I want to create. I don’t want anything to look too staged. I want to capture the connections and love that families feel for each other. The smiles and the silliness. The Tools play a role as well. I have found a lens that lets me communicate my vision perfectly. My trusty manual 50mm 1.2. It may not always be attached to my camera body, since I’m a freelensing enthousiast, but there’s something about the softness I achieve when I’m able to play with focus and the bokeh is like butter.


Day 3

The Experience:

my philosophy is photography should be fun! My sessions are designed to capture the connection between you and your loved ones in an authentic and artful way. We will walk, talk and play. I will guide you rather than pose you. In the end, we will capture some stunning portraits for you to preserve for the legacy of your family. I am a dreamer and I want to indulge the dreamer in you too. My goal with every session is to make your family into art that can hang on your walls and show you the beauty and authenticity that is you!
What you can expect is an honest, playful, and inspired experience.


Day 4

Who I work with:

Who are my people? As a family photographer so I get to work with the most amazing families here in the PNW. They are adventurous, laid back, and fun. It's usually the mom who contacts me so I focus on her. She is genuine, she is creative, she is focused on her family. She values art and is committed to documenting her family. I love working with them because we have so much fun together and we get to create. It's a collaboration. My business impacts their lives because they get to see themselves from a new perspective. They get to just be them while I'm capturing the pretty and the real.


Day 5


Horn toot alert! As part of the #mybrilliantbrand challenge, I have been given permission to share the kind words from one of my clients. These words sure filled my bucket: "Sarah is magical! She has captured our family's most precious moments, a pregnancy, sisterhood, birth, and family visit from across the country with whimsy, honesty, artistry, and aplomb. I HIGHLY recommend her work!" ~ Kelly
You know you have amazing clients when they use the word "aplomb"!


Next week I will share part 2 of this challenge all about my style, inspiration and opportunities.

To see more of my personal fine-art work click HERE.