And now for Part 2 of the My Brilliant Brand Challenge hosted by Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist.

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Day 6

How my Brand looks and feels:
Honest, Playful, Inspired. These three words exemplify my work. The combination of Honest (Authentic), Playful (fun), and Inspired (artful) are all the ways I see and want my work to be seen. Through the use of light and technique such as freelensing, multiple exposures, and prisming, I want my work to create emotion or a visceral response.


Day 7

Where I find inspiration:
So much of where you grow up shapes who you are. My formative years were spent in the woods at the top of a hill in northern, coastal California. My sisters and I were often told to “go outside and play” by our parents and spent hours exploring the woods, climbing trees and pretending we lived in the forest. These days I bask in the beauty of the farmlands and forests. This is where I want to do as many of my photo shoots as non-rain days will allow. 


Day 8

What inspires me most in my business :
1. My wonderful clients - A common thread flows through them and it has to do with what they value. Family, art, and slowing down enough to enjoy them.
2. My work - I'm so genuinely happy to be in a creative profession which has seasons, ebbs and flows, where I am constantly learning and where there is a continual evolution. 
3. What I do as an entrepreneur - This one does surprise me, the part I always feared about becoming a photographer was learning about business. It turns out there is a creative side to it as well.

IMG_8346 copy.jpg

Day 9

How I build inspiration into my work:
I’m thankful for the seasons. Seasons of work and seasons of slow. I’m in a busy season now, which I love but I also look forward to winter, a time to reflect and get inspired. I use the down season to work on how to better serve my business but also, for fine artwork to re-inspire the artist within. It’s important that I never forget why I got into this work in the first place.


Day 10

The opportunities my business creates:
Over the years my work has taken me interesting places, through travel, meeting new people, making new friends all over the world, learning new skills, and through opportunities to collaborate and be featured. But the place It’s taking me right now is here at home. My favorite place to have sessions these days is in my backyard (or pasture) at the farm. And the opportunity to work from home while my kids are still little has been tremendous.


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