A Cozy, Woodsy Maternity Session ~ Maple Valley

I met Kelly in our kids Co-op preschool.  Co-op is a wonderful way to make mama friends as you are all bonding over shared experiences.  I was so excited when she became pregnant with her 2nd daughter and it meant I got to document the whole experience for her family.  Maternity, Birth and Newborn sessions were to follow.

They lived in a round house in Maple Valley, or as her engineer husband, Chris liked to remind us it was a heptadecadon, as it actually has 17 sides.  The wooded area behind the house was perfect for some frolicking with nature.  So this, the first of three shoots, was a classic in-home lifestyle session with a twist, in that we basically had the woods surrounding the property all to ourselves.

Ayla, their daughter had no trouble warming up to me and my camera, since I always brought it to pre-school, she knew me well, and was very comfortable.  These are my favorite kind of lifestyle sessions, just friends, hanging out in their natural habitat.

Sadly, these friends have moved out of state, but I count myself lucky that I got to document a small slice of their family journey.

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