All the Best Locations For Your Family Photography Session

Location, location, location!  I'm lucky in that my job takes me to some pretty spectacular places!  As a family photographer with out a studio, the locations can play a big role in our final product.  But living in the PNW, we have some of the most amazing scenic places to choose from.  I love that there is always something new and exciting on the horizon, also, I get to hang out with really cool people and cute kids!

I definitely have my favorite places to shoot, and I'll share a few just in case you are stumped on where to schedule your next session.


From North Seattle, to South Tacoma, and with many lakes all around.  Shooting near water is a favorite of mine.  I show up to most shoots year round in my rain boots and I'm not afraid to play in the water if you aren't.

Best_locations_family_portrait_seattle_tacoma_eastside 2.jpg

Wooded Areas

#ihavethisthingwithtrees.  Perhaps it comes from growing up in the woods of Northern California near the redwoods.  I feel a real affinity with trees and very much at home in the woods.  Warn me if you are afraid of heights though because I will probably ask you to get in the tree.  Who wants to climb with me?

Best_locations_family_portrait_seattle_tacoma_eastside 1.jpg

Wide Open Spaces

Let's breathe some fresh air, take a walk, and find some spectacular light.  Wide open spaces enable me to find the best light and not have to worry about the backdrop.  This allows us the freedom to play, and I'm all about the play!

Best_locations_family_portrait_seattle_tacoma_eastside 4.jpg

Your Home

We can relax without worrying about packing up the kids and getting in the car.  A leisurely in-home lifestyle shoot can sometimes be the best way for your kids to get into the groove of things.  They love showing me their rooms and all their favorite toys.  If it's nice out, a walk around the block is always a also great way to shake the sillies off.

Best_locations_family_portrait_seattle_tacoma_eastside 3.jpg

Rain Plan, I've got you covered!

Let's be honest, it rains a lot here.  As a lifestyle photographer, I don't provide a studio but I have collected a long list of covered places to shoot, and if you don't mind a little drizzle, I am happy to shoot in the weather as well.  I always bring 2 clear domed umbrellas along with me, or we can reschedule to your home.  Regardless, the main focus of any shoot is you, your family, your love, and your connection.  That is what I want to capture!

Best_locations_family_portrait_seattle_tacoma_eastside 4.jpg

Contact me to find the perfect location in your neighbornood!