Penny ~ 9 month Farm Session, Enumclaw, WA

It wasn't supposed to rain.  I know, I know, this is Enumclaw, but I checked the hour by hour forecast as I do before every family photography session, and it said 0% possibility of rain.  Well, guess what?  It rained.  Luckily, my clients are pros, pro pacific North Westerners that is, and they rolled with it.  

We tried waiting it out under a blanket, but in the end, headed back to the house for umbrellas.  At which point, it cleared up naturally.  

Penny didn't seem to mind.  At 9 months, smiley and happy, all she really wanted to do was show off her sitting up skills and play.  So play we did.

Penny's parents opted for a farm session.  A new type of session that I'm happy to be offering.  My family has a farm in Enumclaw that my husband, kids and I will be moving into next year.    No matter the time of year or time of day, the farm offers gorgeous settings for Lifestyle Family Portraits.