She gave me 20 minutes

My sweetest girl, she's always up for a collaboration.  On our recent trip to the Washington Coast, I asked if she would accompany me down to the beach grasses at sunset for some pictures and she said she would, for 20 minutes.  She picked out the dress, an itchy, vintage, wool nightgown with a broken button from home, and the plaits in her hair were her beach style for the whole week, left over from that morning's session of wave jumping with her brother and cousin.

She is so natural in front of the camera, due to the fact that she's had one pointed at her her whole life.  But she's not just my muse, she's a participant in the process, she is my collaborator.  She makes suggestions and knows what to do.  

It was a little chilly so she didn't last long without her jacket.  Of course I wanted more, I always want more time with her, but she sets the limits and I respect that.  I also reward her with cookies.

I look forward to our next collaboration.