Jojo ~ Mother/Daughter Session ~ Rattlesnake Lake

I first met Jojo's mama, Alaina shortly after we both became mothers to twins.  Our husbands knew each other through work and we were due within 2 weeks of each other.  the 8 of us went out to lunch and needless to say, were quite the spectacle in the restaurant.  Anyone who is a new parent knows that it's nice to have a friend or two going through the same things, and especially as a first time parent to twins, Alaina and I certainly had a lot to bond over!

Fast forward to a few years later, Alaina and Phil have welcomed Jojo in to their brood!  Her two older brothers adore her and she's just the sweetest thing!  Our last lifestyle session was the whole family, but for this years update, the boys decided to stay at home So Alaina and Jojo could have a special girls day with a Mother/Daughter adventure Session.

We met up in February at Rattlesnake lake, a beautiful lake in North Bend that is famous for it's eerie tree trunks sticking up out of the water.  Unexpectedly, we were treated to some light snow. We let Jojo explore and lead the way!  I think she enjoyed having her mama all to herself.

This girl had me at those curls and those sweet cheeks!