Roxy ~ Newborn ~ Tacoma

Roxanne Ruth!  This one was a super special session, and in truth was actually 2-3 sessions, because this baby girl is my Niece!  We are so lucky that her parents were able to relocate to the west coast recently, so I get to hold my babies a lot more!  OK, so their cousins are pretty excited to have them here too.  It's so nice to get to spend all the holidays with these rad people, and we are never letting them move away again!

In-home lifestyle sessions were designed for newborns!  All I need is a little natural light and we can make a comfy nest for the baby to nap in.  Crank up that heat and a nap is on the way.  Roxy was just a few days old for our first shoot and she literally slept through the whole thing, so I came back a week later to see her with her eyes open.  Parents love in-home sessions too for the comfort of their older children who are still adjusting to having a sibling.  I can stay with the baby while his snack or snuggle needs are met.  If they need help coordinating outfits, we can try different combinations and have their closets at our disposal.  Nursing breaks are a given, so that gives me time to photograph the older siblings alone and make them feel special.

I don't use any props or bring special lighting so the main event is snuggling the newborn.  These sessions are very relaxing, just how time with your newborn should be!

These moments are fleeting and it's my honor to document them for you and your family!