Shooting year round in Seattle

What's the best Season for a Family Photo Session?

Some days it feels like the rain will never stop here in the PNW!  Truth be told, I actually love it. Give me a cup of tea, a flannel blanket and all the episodes of Downton Abbey!

My desire to return to the outdoors and my regular shooting pattern is calling though, and I realized I love shooting in all seasons.  Here's why:



I've recently discovered the hashtag #mistyfoggymilkymoody on Instagram and I've been using it weekly.  We have relatively mild winters in Seattle, wind and light rain can make for amazingly authentic images.  I’ll bring the umbrellas, you bring the rain boots.  If the idea of getting a little damp doesn't appeal to you, a cozy in-home lifestyle session can be utterly charming.  I've also compiled quite the list of "rain plan" locations around Seattle and Tacoma to shoot at.


The light people!  In one day we can have horizontal rain, glorious sun and stunning rainbows. Cherry blossom season will be upon us soon so my normal ratio of 50% color to 50% BW processing will soon be shifting more towards the pink!  Our unseasonably cold winter has stalled our normal blossom season this year.  Blossoms are expected at the end of March.  Cherry Blossom Watch


Longer days, warmer temps, and dependably drier weather.  Barefoot at the beach sessions anyone?  Summer can be a great opportunity to try my new Adventure Sessions .  Let’s go to the mountains, the State Fair, or to your family’s Cabin in Leavenworth!!


Also known as "sweater and boots season", fall is my busiest time.  It also happens to be my favorite light.  The colors in Washington are amazing and the light is so subtly soft.  The push for holiday cards and tricky weather may mean limited time slots for sessions though, so don’t forget about the other 3 seasons.

If you still can’t decide when to schedule your session, a good time to book is around your child’s birthday.  And remember, I love shooting in all kinds of light, at all times of year!