The month of May ~ Personal Work

We are coming off the rainiest spring in 122 years here in the Seattle.  Spring has actually been kind of amazing.  The light is crazy between storms.  I'd love to bottle that.  But it's been hard to get outside to shoot with all the crazy weather.  

I made an effort this month to get out there whenever possible.  A few outings have involved hiding under trees for storms to pass, but it's been fun to shoot on a regular basis, all personal work, mostly of my kids, which has been hard to find the time since they started kindergarten in the fall.

Here is a few of my faves from May, a month of inspiration.  Oh and hey, the month is not over yet.

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Jojo ~ Mother/Daughter Session ~ Rattlesnake Lake

I first met Jojo's mama, Alaina shortly after we both became mothers to twins.  Our husbands knew each other through work and we were due within 2 weeks of each other.  the 8 of us went out to lunch and needless to say, were quite the spectacle in the restaurant.  Anyone who is a new parent knows that it's nice to have a friend or two going through the same things, and especially as a first time parent to twins, Alaina and I certainly had a lot to bond over!

Fast forward to a few years later, Alaina and Phil have welcomed Jojo in to their brood!  Her two older brothers adore her and she's just the sweetest thing!  Our last lifestyle session was the whole family, but for this years update, the boys decided to stay at home So Alaina and Jojo could have a special girls day with a Mother/Daughter adventure Session.

We met up in February at Rattlesnake lake, a beautiful lake in North Bend that is famous for it's eerie tree trunks sticking up out of the water.  Unexpectedly, we were treated to some light snow. We let Jojo explore and lead the way!  I think she enjoyed having her mama all to herself.

This girl had me at those curls and those sweet cheeks!  

Mama Love Giveaway ~ Free Session ~ Seattle/ Tacoma

Here's one for the mamas!

In honor of Mother's day, I will be giving away one free photo session!  Let me capture the connection and love between you and your littles, Dads can come to the session too!

The session can be Maternity, Newborn, or Family. A one hour session, in the Seattle/Tacoma area, completely free of charge. And I'll even throw in 10 Full Res digital files.

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I'll announce the winner on Friday, May 12th!!

What is a lifestyle photography session?

Lifestyle has become sort of a buzz word in the portrait photography industry lately, and a lot of photographers call themselves lifestyle photographers, but their styles can vary, so what does this mean for you, the client?

According to Wikipedia, Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times.


Now photographers are artists, so they can interpret this in different ways.  I've seen many "lifestyle" shoots where all the pictures are posed and smiling, and others where they are purely documentary.  I find that I fall somewhere in between.  I think it is important to get some smiles and eyeballs in my sessions, but the art really comes alive when the subjects relax around the camera, and I as the photographer can start to play creatively, and capture unscripted moments.


I tend toward a combination of lifestyle and fine art portraiture.  I love to experiment with trying new techniques, and breaking the rules of photography, but I want my clients to get a variety of shots.  Some to tell a story, some to frame, and some to document the in between moments.  Most clients want the "holiday card shot" of the family smiling, and I will capture this for you, but I want to get to the heart of who you are, and if I could just follow you around with my camera all day,  I would.   I usually plan a few shots just to break the ice, and I always want a group shot, but not the one you would expect.  I call mine the "Family Smoosh". It's basically a group hug, sometimes tickling and always relating to one another.


If we are doing an in-home session, I find it useful to have an activity planned or to go through a particular part of your daily routine.  I will also guide rather than pose.  If I see a potential shot, or light I want you in, I will move you.

As for the inevitable "what to wear" question, I always want my clients to be comfortable and natural in an outfit that they really love, I recommend complementing outfits rather than matching, and I am pleased as punch when parents let their children dress themselves!  We may not love their choices but down the road, the memory of a favorite outfit or stuffed toy, will be a treasure captured.


I offer year round sessions, be sure to sign up for my NEWSLETTER to hear the latest.

Roxy ~ Newborn ~ Tacoma

Roxanne Ruth!  This one was a super special session, and in truth was actually 2-3 sessions, because this baby girl is my Niece!  We are so lucky that her parents were able to relocate to the west coast recently, so I get to hold my babies a lot more!  OK, so their cousins are pretty excited to have them here too.  It's so nice to get to spend all the holidays with these rad people, and we are never letting them move away again!

In-home lifestyle sessions were designed for newborns!  All I need is a little natural light and we can make a comfy nest for the baby to nap in.  Crank up that heat and a nap is on the way.  Roxy was just a few days old for our first shoot and she literally slept through the whole thing, so I came back a week later to see her with her eyes open.  Parents love in-home sessions too for the comfort of their older children who are still adjusting to having a sibling.  I can stay with the baby while his snack or snuggle needs are met.  If they need help coordinating outfits, we can try different combinations and have their closets at our disposal.  Nursing breaks are a given, so that gives me time to photograph the older siblings alone and make them feel special.

I don't use any props or bring special lighting so the main event is snuggling the newborn.  These sessions are very relaxing, just how time with your newborn should be!

These moments are fleeting and it's my honor to document them for you and your family!