Fine Art Portraits

for Preschools and Ballet Schools


What are fine art portraits?

My goal is to capture your child in an authentic way that shows their true personality. Rather than just saying “smile” and taking one photograph, I will spend a few minutes with each student and talk them through a few images that capture many sides of their personality.

As a mom and a photographer, I have honed my craft on photographing my own littles. We’ve gone through the “cheesy smile” phase, the “don’t take my picture” phase I promise I’ve seen it all and know how to navigate through the emotions with your precious ones.

What services do you provide?

I can provide the same services as a large operation but in a more personal way. Individual child images, sibling photos, staff portraits and group photos are all available.

Parents will get to choose from 2-5 images (with the option to purchase all) in a password protected online gallery.

All images will be high resolution, in color and in BW.

I love shooting outdoors and if the weather provides and you have a suitable location for pictures on your premisses, I can also bring a backdrop/lights to take pictures indoors.

What are the benefits of Fine Art Portraits vs. traditional school photos?

I am an actual human with which you will get to communicate! Plus I’m not trying to meet any metrics so I will spend more time and care with each individual child. I will handle all orders, questions and concerns from parents and caregivers, and deliver prints directly to the school.

How do your prices compare to traditional school portraits?

My rates are competitive with large organizations. There is no cost to the school, and parents will be able to order online after they have seen their child’s images. Contact me for a complete list of prices. I will also donate 10% of my gross proceeds back to the school!

What is the best time of year to schedule Fine Art Portraits?

I’m happy to provide my services any time of year, but Spring and Fall are the most popular times.

Who do you offer fine art portraits to?

Currently I specialize in working with young children at preschools and children of all ages at ballet schools but I would love to hear about your operation and see if my services would be a great fit for you.

Do you also offer class/group photos?

Yes of course! After all the kids have their portrait taken, we will gather the group for a class photo.

A little bit about the photographer

I am a local mom/photographer , you can learn more about me and my family HERE