Photo by Sandra Coan Photography

Photo by Sandra Coan Photography



A little bit about me;

Hi, I'm Sarah,

I call myself a  fine art portrait and lifestyle photographer, which is a fancy way of saying I like to take pictures of people.

I'm a twin as well as a mom of twins and I buy everything in twos at the grocery store.

I want to travel and I'm also deeply rooted at home.  I can't decide if I want to move to Ireland or stay home and binge watch Downton Abby (for the third time).

I like the dark side and the light side, the pretty and the ugly.  I want to appreciate the in between moments and then put a bow on top.

I have a deep rooted love of black and white photography but I own very little black or white clothing.

I'm very easily distracted and appreciate shiny things...SQUIRREL!

I used to be a gymnast, then a musician, and now a photographer, so I like defining myself by my hobbies.

I like the discordant notes in art and in life and I gravitate towards the melodies.

I prefer winter to summer.

<--- And that is my favorite sweater.